Pishgaman Besham Ara” collection, as one of the first Iranian manufacturers active in the field of perfume and cosmetic products, has been working since 2016.

This collection, which was formed based on the experiences and efforts of a group of Iranian perfume market activists, is proud to have the knowledge and art of young people interested in perfumery by its side. The combination of experience and creativity has resulted in the design of fragrances that are tailored to the needs and tastes of the audience

Paying attention to details and precision in order to provide quality products is the most important goal and purpose of this collection

Therefore, the pioneers of Besham Ara are proud to offer a variety of modern and pleasant fragrances by using high-quality raw materials produced in the most reliable perfume and essence companies, as well as by using modern technologies in bottle design and product packaging.

Among the various collections and flavors that have been introduced by the pioneers of Besham Ara: “Royalion” is a special and distinctive collection.
Refined, rich and pleasant fragrances, whose production is made with high precision, obsession and sensitivity, so that the final product is worthy of the title of “luxury perfumery“.

Royalion is a collection of luxurious and elegant perfumes, which have emerged from the artistic combination of the best extracts. These perfumes are presented in quality bottles that are simple in design, elegant and eye-catching, to bring the double pleasure of using an exquisite perfume.

Royalion perfumes are available in two concentrations, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Parfum Intense, in order to present a vast and endless world of joy, peace, glory, power, trust and charm to lovers of luxurious perfumes, just like the names of these perfumes.


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